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Here is a comparison of forests surfaces and pellet production in Germany and Spain:


Forests (Ha) Wood Pellet Production (Tonnes)

Germany 2’200’000 2’500’000

Spain 26’000’000 250’000


•With the 2nd largest forest reservoir in Western Europe, the potential for wood pellet and wood chip production in Spain is huge.

•Transportation cost is a large part of the total cost of wood chips and wood pellets; for example, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, transportation accounted for a quarter of the delivered price of wood pellets from the Southeast of the USA to the Netherlands in mid-2013. Shipping costs generally increase with distance, so the proximity of Spain to European markets like Rotterdam, Hull, Antwerp etc. compared to

logistics from the USA and Western Canada to Europe provides a pricing advantage for Spanish wood exporters.

•In the first quarter of 2015 the US Dollar has moved up 12% versus the Euro, making it much more expensive for European buyers to purchase American Wood Pellets.


Forest Surfaces in Europe


The next chart visualizes the largest forest surfaces in Europe. Sweden has the largest absolute forest surface with 30’000’000 hectares. It is often overlooked, that Spain is second with 26’000’000 million hectares making it a very attractive country for pellet and chip production. Spain has 10 times more forests than the UK.





























Advantages Spain

Mother Earth Energy has excellent contacts in Northern and Southern Spain with plantation owners, shipping companies, harbour authorities, brokers and Spanish biomass associations.


Spain with its mild climate, good location, large forest reservoir, EU membership and excellent logistics provides optimal requirements to produce wood chips 12 months a year on a much larger scale than what is presently available.


Northern Spain is characterised by a large number of small forest property owners and a first class infrastructure in terms of ports, highways, railroads and IT.

The same is true for Southern Spain (Andalucia). Due to a semi tropical climate the moisturec ontent in wood products in Southern Spain is lower than in Northern Spain.


The EU does not permit the import of wood chips from outside the EU-territory, because of bacterial contaminants, pesticides as well as animal and plant health phytosanitation issues with respect to imported pests and diseases. Since the forest and forest waste are in Spain (EU Member), thereare no regulatory constraints to transport wood chips from these forests within the EU.


Wood species in Spain are mainly Eucalyptus Nitens, Eucalyptus Globulus and Pinus Radiata. But also large quantities of wood chips from citrus trees and olive cake are available.In addition an orange has a life cycle of around ten years and at present 50% of all orange trees in Spain must be renewed.This means a huge quantity of citrus wood is available.


Spain Representation

You can contact our Spanish representative in Spain:

Angel Estefania Torres

Plaza Helio, 3

11010 Cadiz (Spain)

Phone +34 615934367





















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