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Reg. No. 002.086.905-5



1. Palm Kernel Shells (PKS)



Palm kernel shell (PKS) is a biomass fuel from West Africa, that is increasingly being co-fired by several

European power and cement producers.

PKS has become a feasible alternative to coal on purely commercial grounds.


Quantities: 10,000 MT per month

Moisture Content: <15%

Gross Calorific Value: 4500 – 4800 kcal/kg

Net Calorific Value: 4300 kcal/kg

Ash Content: <2%




2. Hard Wood / Soft Wood Chips



Depending on the type of wood, demand for wood chips is big:

a) it is used as a biomass mixed with coal to lower CO2;

b) it is used in the paper & pulp industry;

c) it is used in the production of MDF Boards by 3000 furniture companies in Turkey.

Wood Species: Barked pine, eucalyptus chips, rubber & meranti chips from various resources are available to use as

biomass fuel. Debarked chips also available for the manufacture of plywood & MDF etc.

Pine Species available include (but not limited to) Southern Yellow Pine, Taeda, Pinnata, Ellioti & Pinus Sylvestris.



Quantities available: 10,000 MT per month.

Moisture Content: 30 – 40%

Net Calorific Value: 3000 kcal/kg

Ash Content: 3%



3. Bamboo Chips



Recognized as a renewable energy source, can either be used in its raw form or produced

in the form of briquettes, chips or pellets for both domestic and industrial combustion. 

High net calorific value and low moisture and ash content which makes it a complete

raw material to the energy supply chain. The buyer receives a biomass with a high Net Calorific Value

(NCV)at a relatively low price.


Quantities available: 10,000 MT per month

Moisture Content: 6 - 8% 

Net Calorific Value: 4500 - 4800 kcal/kg

Ash Content: 1.5 - 2%




4. Industrial Pellets



The primary application of the Industrial pellets on a large-scale facility was through

co-firing, to substitute partly the usage of coal at the power plants.
Our I-2 pellets

are manufactured to precise standards of quality and sustainability requirements

to ensure continuous qualitative trade.


As per industry grades & standards (I-1,2,3)

Quantities available: up to 20,000 MT per month.

I-1 quantities available: 10,000 MT per month

Supplied on a CIF basis to major European ports.


Values listed above are approximate & will be based on actuals confirmed by an SGS or

equivalent lab analysis report.





Organic Products

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