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Mother Earth Energy (MEE) is a company registered in Liechtenstein under company number FL-0002.086.905-5. Mother Earth Energy is a multifaceted international trade, sales, marketing and energy consulting firm partnered with cutting edge 'green' technology providers involved with energy production and energy savings.


We deal in different types of biomass like wood chips & wood pellets for fuel for utilities. In addition we trade wood logs and wood chips for the paper and furniture industry. We advocate and provide green, renewable, sustainable energy solutions.


We create a commercial link between a manufacturer and the user of a finished product. Our suppliers are selected for their ability, efficiency and professionalism when collaborating with our international customers.


We supply on an annual basis, substantial volumes of Pulp Grade Logs & Chips (Radiata Pine & varied species of Eucalyptus – Globulus, Grandis, Nitens, etc.) to various paper & pulping mills across Asia, the Far East & Europe.


In addition we trade agricultural residues like palm kernel shells and bamboo chips from West Aftica.


Project Management Biomass to Energy:

Mother Earth Energy can assist clients to develop several aspects of producing renewable energy crops and wood management:

-feas ibility studies

-site analysis

-factory engeneering

-procurement strategy

-drying options

-logistics analysis

-fire prevention

-spark detection

-moisture management

-Cogeneration – Combined Heat & Power management


Private Equity


Mother Earth Energy offers private equity investments in renewable energy and can assist you to selecttake-overcandidates. Mother Earth Energyselects for investors also promising renewable energy projects. Please contact us and we will send you business plans with expected Rate of Returns and Pay Back schemes.


Financial and Fiscal Engineering

Due to its location in Liechtenstein Mother Earth Energy offers advice to minimize fiscal burdens legally and optimize cashflow.


Green Bonds


Mother Earth Energy has excellent contacts with major banks in London, which under write so-called Green Bonds. These are specific 5 – 7 year bonds with an interesting yield, whereby the bond proceeds are exclusively invested in renewable energy projects. These projects are supervised and rated by auditors specialised in renewable energy.








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